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Be Needed, Be Valued, Be Active, Be a VOLUNTEER!

The importance of having trained volunteers and for seniors to incorporate healthy ageing through volunteerism underlined the talks, activities, programmes and training conducted by RSVP.

Our mission is to provide opportunities for seniors to serve the community with their talent and experience through purpose-driven volunteerism.

National Senior Volunteer Month (NSVM)

Thank you to everyone for your support in making NSVM 2015 a huge success! We couldn't have done it without your help and a big kudos especially to our senior volunteers! Over the past year, more than 1800 seniors have tried their hands at volunteering. Those who are interested to volunteer can contact us to find out more.

RSVP Online Podcast

Listen in to ‘RSVP Online’, bringing to you interviews, views and news by senior volunteers! 

Episode 1 - In Conversation with RSVP President and Senior Volunteers

Episode 2 - In Conversation with Senior Citizens

Episode 3 - Grandparenting

Episode 4 - Under One Roof

Episode 5 - Never Too Old

Episode 6 - Coping With The Loss Of A Spouse 

Episode 7 - Interview with a Taxi Driver 

Episode 8 - Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) - NEW!


Upcoming Talks/Events






RSVP IT Courses in November 2015

RSVP IT Courses in December 2015

Talk on Mental Health (25 Nov, 4pm)














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